Catering From Chicago’s Cafe Orchid Restaurant

Newly hired at Vital Proteins in Chicago, Benjamin Barrone is responsible for all accounting functions, such as product costing, budgeting, and setting up financial policies, procedures, and controls. Benjamin Barrone’s leisure time is often spent dining out with his wife at restaurants and enjoying the food scene of Chicago. Benjamin mentioned a longtime favorite is Cafe Orchid, listed in Chicago magazine as one of the city’s best BYOB restaurants. 

Cafe Orchid supplements its restaurant business with a catering service. Its take-out menu includes four choices of entree packages. The first one comprises chicken shish and homemade gyros, as well as rice or bulgur, and a green salad. The second package includes beef and chicken shish-kebab, and bread. 

Falafel and hummus are the main elements in the third package. Grilled salmon fillet, calamari, and shrimp predominate in the fourth. Customers must order at least 10 of any package.

Cafe Orchid also offers many single dishes in half- or full-sized container trays. Dishes such as eggplant moussaka, lentil fingers, baba ghanoush, feta wrap, and kofta are available, as are desserts, including baklava and kazandibi.

Sandwiches round out the catered offerings, such as chicken or lamb shish, beef, kofta, and falafel sandwiches.